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Máster en Robótica

Master RobóticaEl próximo curso 2016/17 se empieza a impartir el nuevo Máster en Robótica de la Universidad Miguel Hernández
En este enlace puedes encontrar más información.

Omni DB: Omnidirectional image database

Omni DB Omni DB: is a public omnidirectional image database to study algorithms for robot navigation

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ARTE: A Robotics Toolbox for Education

ARTE: Robotics Toolbox ARTE is a Matlab toolbox focussed serial robotic manipulators. Includes kinematic and dynamic modelling aswell a RAPID interpreter

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PARALLELS UMH: A Remote Laboratory for Paralell Robots

Parallel Robotics Lab. PARALLELS UMH ( allows to move a real parallel robot remotely. Its main purpose is to serve as a remote laboratory for teaching in Engineering courses. The laboratory is currently implementing a:
- A 5R parallel robot.
- A 3RRR parallel robot.
- A Delta robot.

Currently, in a near future the laboratory will be open for anonymous access.

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MRXT: The Multi-Robot eXploration Tool

MRXT: The Multi-Robot eXploration ToolMRXT is a tool specifically designed with the purpose of comparing different multi-tobot exploration techniques

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