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PaRoLa is a Java web-based tool for simulating the kinematics of parallel and hybrid serial-parallel robots. Its features include:

  • Simulation of the direct and inverse kinematic problems of parallel manipulators
  • Graphical representation of the singularities and workspace of parallel robots
  • Trajectory planning and singularity avoidance
  • Graphical representation of the simulated robots
  • Remote control of a real parallel robot
  • Simulation of the control of parallel robots

Parallel robots

PaRoLa allows you to simulate parallel robots. You can simulate them in embedded Java applets or downloading the jar files.

The tool is continuously updated with more robots, functionalities, and improved algorithms. The currently implemented robots are the following. Click on the desired robot to start the simulation.

Remote robots

Climbing robots


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Adrián Peidró, Arturo Gil, José María Marín, Oscar Reinoso

Please, send suggestions to adrian.peidro at

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PaRoLa by Adrián Peidró is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License