Non-linear image processing applied to template matching

J. M. Sebastián(1), R. Aracil(1), F. Torres(2), L.M. Jiménez(2), O. Reinoso(1)

(1)Polytechical University of Madrid
(2)University of Alicante

Abstract. In this paper we present the problem that arise when template matching is applied to two images of the same objects displaced in both axis, and how this problem has effect at the detection of imperfections with precision near to pixel.
Also, we show up a solution, trough the use of two master images. These images achieved through non-linear processing applied to original image based on morphological processing. In this way, we demostrate that is possible to detect imperfections with resolution near pixel-level.

Keywords: Non-linear processing, template matching, porphological processing, automated visual inspection.