RT – Linux Based Control of an Experimental Platform for Teleoperated Systems with 1 d.o.f. R. Puerto, L.M. Jimenez, J.A. Alenda Dept. of Industrial Systems Engineering. Miguel Hernandez University R. Aracil DISAM, Polytecnical University of Madrid Abstract In this work, a control system developed under RT-Linux is presented. The system consist of an experimental platform for time-response analysis and control of a teleoperated system with one degree of freedom, controlled under different strategies and connected by means a computer network. This platform can be used for testing new strategies for remote control on teleoperated systems. The implementation core is an RT-linux module that uses the COMEDI library to execute the feedback control tasks interacting with the data acquisition board. Communication tasks between the RT-Linux controller and the client graphical user interface (GUI), are based on Java2 and JNI technologies.