Feedback and Imprecise Information Processing in a Voice Interface to a Robotic System

Ramón P. Ñeco, Nicolás García, José M. Azorín, M. Asunción Vicente, Luis M. Jiménez, Rafael Puerto

Abstract: In this paper two methods are presented so that it is possible to process the feedback of the errors produced by a teleoperated robot, using a voice interface with natural language processing capabilities. The solutions proposed in this paper had its initial motivations on the following questions: (1) To finnd a method to process the feedback produced by the user during the execution of a teleoperated command, expressed using a voice interface, and (2) how
can the system use the information provided by the feedback process so that the robot behaves in the way desired by the operator in successive executions of the task.

Keywords: Articial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Human-Computer Interaction/Interface, Learning Systems, Teleoperation.