Modelling, Simulation and Conception of Parallel Climbing Robots for Construction and Service R. Saltarén, R. Aracil, J. M. Sabater, O. Reinoso, L. M. Jimenez, Miguel Hernández University, Dep. of Industrial Systems Engineering , Campus of Elche, 03202. Elche (Alicante), Spain Abstract. In this paper we present a research work on the use of parallel platforms as climbing robots considering the big load capacity that this type of structures have and their ability to progress on the workspace. In the first part we suggest a theoretic framework for the numerical calculation of the inverse and direct kinematics based on a multybody dynamics model. The dynamics of a parallel platform is modelling and simulate using a simulation package. With base in these simulations, we calculate the capacity necessary in the actuators to achieve a set of configurations that typically will be presented in a displacement along a structural frame. Keywords: Robotics, climbing robots, construction robots, parallel robots, field robotics.