Omnidirectional images data set 3: Altitude estimation







Altitude_estimation is a set of omnidirectional images captured both in an indoors and an outdoors environments (inside and around the Quorum V building) at Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. This database is intended to test visual mapping and localization algoritmhs for mobile robots, when the movement of the robot is purely vertical.

The images have been captured using an Imaging Source DFK 21BF04 camera, which takes pictures of a hyperbolic mirror (Eizoh Wide 70). The mirror is mounted over the camera, with its axis aligned with the camera optic axis.

To capture the sets of images, 21 positions have been defined on the ground plane indoors and outdoors. On each position a line parallel to the z-axis of the WRS has been considered and a set of images has been captured along each vertical line. Outdoors, 10 positions have been defined and 12 omnidirectional images per position have been captured, changing only the coordinate along the z-axis. This coordinate takes values between 125 cm  and 290 cm with a gap of 15 cm between consecutive capture points. Indoors, 11 positions have been defined. The ceiling has limited the number of images captured from some positions.

The next figure shows a bird eye’s view of the positions where the images were captured and some sample omnidirectional images. On the left, the outdoor positions are shown, and the indoor positions are presented on the right.





The whole database is downloadable through the next links:     Indoor images      Outdoor images




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