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LabsGrid is a set of omnidirectional images captured in two different indoors environments (Innova building, ground and 2nd floor) at Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. This database is intended to test visual mapping and localization algoritmhs for mobile robots.

The database includes a laboratory and an office. It is composed of two sets of images.

  • Set 1: Training set. It is composed of 128 omnidirectional color images which have been captured on a dense regular 20x20 cm. grid of points.
  • Set 2: Test set. It is composed of 23 images captured in both rooms, in some half-way points among the grid points.

The database

The whole database is downloadable through the next links:

Innova database
Laboratory Omnidirectional images
Office Omnidirectional images

The database was captured with an Imaging Source DMK 41BF02 camera, which takes pictures of a hyperbolic mirror (Eizoh Wide 70). The mirror is mounted over the camera, with its axis aligned with the camera optic axis. Both the original omnidirectional images, and the panormic images (cylindrical projection) can be downloaded.

The next figures shows an example of one omnidirecional image captured from each room.

Omnidirectional images

The next figures shows a bird eye's view of each room. The coordinates where each image was captured are shown. Red squares are the positions where training images were captured and green crosses the positions of test images.


Room 1: Laboratory



Room 2: Office

Omnidirectional images. Room 1: Laboratory   Omnidirectional images. Room 2: Office' room


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