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TREPA: Palmtree Climbing Teleoperated Robot

Proyecto TrepaWe propose the application of parallel platforms such as climbing robots, considering the great load capacity these mechanic structures own and the ability to develop in the workspace. A theoretical framework of analysis of kinematics and dynamics of this sort of robotic structures has been studied, and its applications as climbing robots. Considering mathematics difficulties to work out the straight dynamic solution with geometric methods, as an alternative, a numeric method based on generalized coordinates is used.

Likewise, we are studying some mechanic architectures for parallel climbing robots, for which cases of robots for bridges or buildings structures are analysed; also we are considering its possible applications for the maintenance of vertical flat surfaces or soldering or mechanized local tasks. As well, we describe a parallel robot architecture actually developed to gave it over the maintenance of fence posts, cables or palmtree trunks.



  • Study of parellel structure robots
  • Study and analysis of climbing robots
  • Design and building of a parallel robot
  • Kinematic-dynamic control of a parallel robot to move upward barrel-column structure


Videos of the Prototype

- Video (3 MB),    3D Simulation (10 MB)

Kinematic analysis

Dynamic analysis


Trajectories planning

We use a sensing system capable to:

  • Correct the relative location of the barrel structure in relation to the middle of the rings
  • Predict the change of runout as it moves in the structure

Control architecture


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