RECOLAB: prácticas de control sobre procesos reales vía internet utilizando Matlab
R. Puerto, L.M. Jiménez, C. Fernández, R. P. Ñeco, N. García
XXIII Jornadas de Automática  (Tenerife 9-11 Septiembre 2002)


RECOLAB: PRÁCTICAS DE CONTROL SOBRE PROCESOS REALES VÍA INTERNET UTILIZANDO MATLAB R. Puerto, L.M. Jiménez, C. Fernández, R.P. Ñeco, N. García Abstract: In this document we present the general architecture of an application for the remote execution, via Internet and in real time, of physical process controller. This application has developed using the platform Matlab/Simulink, and allows the student to access the laboratory resources remotely. The motivation of this work is based on the little availability of real physical systems or laboratories to perform the experiments. We also present some examples that show the validity and applicability of the presented architecture. Keywords: Controlled Systems, Real–Time, Remote Control, Internet