Vergence Control System for Stereo Depth Recovery
L.M.Jiménez, O. Reinoso, R. Aracil, F. Torres, J.M. Sebastián
Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection VII (SPIE)The international Society for Optical Engineering  (California (USA), January 1999)
 ISBN:0-8194-3123-0  - Volume 3652, pp 232- 237


Vergence Control System for Stereo Depth Recovery

Luis M. Jiménez(a), Oscar Reinosoa, Rafael Aracila, Fernando Torres(b), José M. Sebastian(c)
(a) DCEYT, University “Miguel Hernández”, Elche, Alicante, Spain
(b) DFISTS, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain
(c) DISAM, Polytechnical University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

This paper describes a vergence control algorithm for a 3D stereo recovery system. This work has been developed within framework of the project ROBTET. This project has the purpose of designing a Teleoperated Robotic System for live power lines maintenance. The tasks involved suppose the automatic calculation of path for standard tasks, collision detection to avoid electrical shocks, force feedback and accurate visual data, and the generation of collision free real paths. To accomplish these tasks the system needs an exact model of the environment that is acquired through an active stereoscopic
head. A cooperative algorithm using vergence and stereo correlation is shown. The proposed system is carried out through an algorithm based on the phase correlation, trying to keep the vergence on the interest object. The sharp vergence changes produced by the variation of the interest objects are controlled through an estimation of the depth distance generated by a stereo correspondence system. In some elements of the scene, those aligned with the epipolar plane, large errors in the depth estimation as well as in the phase correlation, are produced. To minimize these errors a laser lighting system is used to help fixation, assuring an adequate vergence and depth extraction .

Keywords: Vergence control, stereo vision, depth recovery