User Voice Assistance Tool for Teleoperation
O. Reinoso, C. Fernández, R. Ñeco
Advances in Telerobotics  (2007)
Ed. Serie STAR, Springer-Verlag  ISBN:978-3-540-71363-0  ISSN:1610-7438  - STAR 31, pp. 107-120


User Voice Assistance Tool for Teleoperation

Oscar Reinoso, Cesar Fernandez, and Ramon Neco
Universidad Miguel Hernandez
Dpto. Ingenier´ıa de Sistemas Industriales
Avda. Universidad. Edif. Torreblanca. 03202 Elche-Alicante, Spain

Summary. A teleoperation tool that allows to interact with the remote environment in a more comfortable and flexible way is presented in this chapter.Working over a classical teleoperation environment, the goal is to reach a higher level of abstraction in the user commands. The tool allows the operator to interact with the remote environment
through natural language recognition. This system is able to interpret and execute the commands formulated by the operator in natural language, according to the elements present in the remote environment. An error feedback module has been designed in order to take into account the on-line correcting information expressed by the operator during the execution of a task in the remote environment.
The proposed voice assistance tool has been designed as a module in a novel teleoperation architecture, which allows to integrate multiple assistance tools.