Object Trajectory Prediction Application to Visual Servoing
C. Pérez, N. García, O. Reinoso, J.M. Sabater, J.M. Azorín
European Control Conference  (Kos, Greece, 2-5 July 2007)
Ed. IEEE Control Systems Society  ISBN:978-960-89028-5-5  - pp. 2105-2111


Visual Servoing is an important issue in robotic vision. Considering tracking as a particular case of visual servoing, motion estimation algorithms are used to predict the location of target and generate a feasible control input to keep the target in the center of the image. Several well known algorithms can be used for trajectory prediction such as Kalman filter, / filters, circular prediction algorithms
and so on, but in this paper, we present a new filter based on existing filters that improves the prediction made by any one of
them. This new filter is based on parameter optimization of a fuzzy system, therefore, we have named it: Off-Line Optimized Fuzzy FILTER (OLOF FILTER). The robustness and feasibility of the proposed algorithm is validated by a great number of experiments and is compared with other robust methods.