Remote Control Laboratory Using Matlab and Simulink
L.M. Jiménez, R. Puerto, O. Reinoso, R.P. Ñeco, C. Fernandez
IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics  (Vigo - Spain June 4-7 2007)
Ed. IEEE  ISBN:1-4244-0755-9  ISSN:IEEE Catalog Number: 07H8928C  DOI:10.1109/ISIE.2007.4375086  - pp. 2963-2967


In this paper, a teaching application for remote real-time execution of physical process controllers is presented. This application has been developed using the platform Matlab/Simulink. The motivation of this work is based on the little availability of real physical systems or laboratories to perform the experiments in control courses. In this way, control lab assignments with various physical processes present in the remote laboratories can be performed. Also, some examples that show the validity and applicability of the presented architecture are introduced.