A comparative evaluation of interest point detectors and local descriptors for visual SLAM
Arturo Gil, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Monica Ballesta, Oscar Reinoso
Machine Vision and Applications Journal  (October, 2010)
Ed. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg  ISSN:0932-8092 (Print) 1432-1769 (Online)  DOI:10.1007/s00138-009-0195-x  BIBTEX:@article{gil2009mva, title = {A Comparative Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors and Local Descriptors for Visual SLAM}, author = {Arturo Gil and Oscar Martinez Mozos and Monica Ballesta and Oscar Reinoso}, journal = {Machine Vision and Applica  - Vol. 21(6), pp. 905-920


In this paper we compare the behavior of different interest point detectors and descriptors under the conditions needed to be used as landmarks in vision-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). We evaluate the repeatability of the detectors, as well as the invariance and distinctiveness of the descriptors, under different perceptual conditions using sequences of images representing planar objects as well as 3D scenes. We believe that this information will be useful when selecting an appropriate landmark detector and descriptor for visual SLAM.