Appearance-based Dense Maps Creation: Comparison of compression techniques with panoramic images
L. Paya, L. Fernández, O. Reinoso, A. Gil, D. Ubeda
6th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics ICINCO 2009   (Milan (Italy) 2-5 July 2009)
Ed. INTICC PRESS  ISBN:978-989-674-000-9  - pp. 250-255


The visual information captured by omnidirectional systems is very rich and it may be very useful for a robot to create a map of an environment. This map could be composed of several panoramic images taken from different points of view in the environment, and some geometric relationships between them. To carry out any task, the robot must be able to calculate its position and orientation in the environment, comparing his current visual information with the data stored in the map. In this paper we study and compare some approaches to build the map, using appearance-based methods. The most important factor of these approaches is the kind of information to store in order to minimize the computational cost of the operations.We have carried out an exhaustive experimentation to study the amount of memory each technique requires to build the map, and the time consumption to create it and to carry out the localization process inside it. Also, we have tested the accuracy to compute the position and the orientation of a robot in the environment.