Software for the learning of appearance-based methods in computer vision and robotics
L. Payá, L. Fernández, O. Reinoso, L.M. Jiménez, A. Gil, D. Úbeda
ICERI 2009. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation  (Madrid, Noviembre 2009)
Ed. IATED  ISBN:978-84-613-2955-7  - pp. 48-57


When a robot has to carry out a task in an environment, a map is usually needed so that the robot can estimate its position and orientation and navigate to the target points. This map can be build using the images taken by a vision system. In this kind of applications, the appearance-based approach has attracted the interest of researchers recently due to its simplicity and robustness. In these methods, the scenes are stored without any feature extraction, and recognition is achieved based on the matching of the whole images. Usually, omnidirectional vision systems are used due to their low cost and the richness of the information they provide. In this work we present a tool we have developed to be used in computer vision and robotics subjects. This tool provides the students a graphical interface to understand all the concepts involved in appearance-based methods in robotics, working with real data, in a very intuitive way. This software has demonstrated to be very useful for the students to fully understand the appearance-based methods and other basic computer vision concepts.