Towards Multi-robot Independent Visual SLAM
Mónica Ballesta, Arturo Gil, Óscar Reinoso, Luis Payá, Luis M. Jiménez
14th WSEAS International Conference on SYSTEMS  (Corfú, Grecia. 22-24 Julio 2010)
Ed. wseas  ISBN:978-960-474-199-1  ISSN:1792-4235  - Vol 1, pp. 228-233


This paper focuses on the study on the map fusion problem as one of the steps towards the independent multi-robot map building. The situation proposed considers a set of several robots performing map building tasks. Each robot builds its own local map using its observations and estimates its path independently. As a result, there will be a set of local maps that can be fused into a global one. This is the case when the map fusion takes
importance. Particularly, we focus our experiments on landmark-based maps constructed using visual information and by means of a particle filter.