A Web-based Platform for Remote Interaction with Mobile Robots in Higher Education
L. PayŠ, O. Reinoso, F. Torres, S.T. Puente
IJEE, International Journal of Engineering Education  (Enero 2011)
Ed. Tempus Publications  ISSN:0949-149X  - Vol. 27 (2), pp. 266-283


This work presents a web-based platform that provides easy and intuitive remote interaction with a team of mobile robots through the Internet. It has been designed to allow students to train with mobile robots from their own home, with a flexible timetable, minimum installation requirements for their computer and independent of the operating system they use. The remote laboratory is devoted to a robotics and computer vision subject and it facilitates the understanding of several algorithms and control strategies in these fields. Several types of robots are available for monitoring and control tasks, using the same user friendly interface of communication. Along the paper we detail the architecture of the platform, the teaching and learning model we have adopted and the practical sessions we propose. Also, we analyse the academic results and the students’ experiences we have collected. This tool has empowered the autonomy of the students to solve the tasks proposed and the students themselves highlight the flexibility of access. However, we have been aware of some issues that will help us to redefine some features for the next future.