TEAM ASPAR Uses Binary Optimization to Obtain Optimal Gearbox Ratios in Motorcycle Racing
J. Amorós, L.F. Escudero, J.F. Monge, J.V. Segura, O. Reinoso
Interfaces  (March-April 2012)
Ed. Informs  ISSN:0092-2102  DOI:10.1287/inte.1110.0580  - Vol. 42(2)


In this paper, we present a binary integer linear program for obtaining the optimal combination of gears to install on a competitive racing motorcycle. Our objective is to meet the requirements of both the rider and track at a set of points on the racing circuit. This requires determining the best transmission (gearbox) for each circuit and rider. We discuss a solution for a rider in the World Motorcycling Racing Championship.