Simulation and scheduling of Real-Time Computer Vision Algorithms
F. Torres, F.A. Candelas, S.T. Puente, L.M. Jiménez, C. Fernández, R.J. Agulló
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (sci: 0.872)  (1999)
Ed. Springer (H.I. Christensen)  ISBN:3-540-65459-3  ISSN:0302-9743  DOI:10.1007/3-540-49256-9_7  - Volume 1542, pp 98 - 114


SIMULATION AND SCHEDULING OF REAL-TIME COMPUTER VISION ALGORITHMS F.Torres, F.A.Candelas, S.T.Puente Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory Department. University of Alicante, Spain L.M.Jiménez, C.Fernández, R.J.Agulló Science and Technology Dept. System Engineering and Automation Div. University Miguel Hernández, Spain Abstract A fully integrated development tool for computer vision systems has been built in the framework of this paper. There are many applications that help the user in the design of such systems, using graphical interfaces and function libraries. Even in some cases, the final source code can be generated by these applications. This paper goes a step beyond; it allows the development of computer vision systems from a distributed environment. Besides, and as a distinctive characteristic with regard to other similar utilities, the system is able to automatically optimize task scheduling and assignment, depending on the available hardware.