Development of a Web-based educational platform to interact with remote mobile robots
L. Paya, O. Reinoso, D. Ubeda, L.M. Jiménez, J.Mª Marin
Developing and Utilizing E-Learning Applications (2011)  (New York 2011)
Ed. Information Science Reference  ISBN:978-1-61692-791-2  DOI:10.4018/978-1-61692-791-2.ch003  - Chapter 3, pp. 46-65


In this chapter the authors approach the problem that hand-on experiments may present in engineering

studies and how Internet has become a powerful tool to improve the students’ motivation, interaction

and degree of learning. Also, the authors address some challenges that must be taken into account in

order to improve the effectiveness of the remote laboratories. They have implemented an interactive

tool so that students can monitor and control the evolution of a team of mobile robots through Internet.

This platform is designed for a subject whose contents are computer vision and robotics, and it allows

students to learn and practice the basic concepts on those fields and their relationship. In this chapter

they present the architecture and basic features of the platform and the experiences collected during

the use of it.