A Virtual Laboratory to Simulate the Control of Parallel Robots
A. Peidrů, O. Reinoso, A. Gil, J.M™ Marin, L. PayŠ
3rd IFAC Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE) IFAC PapersOnLine  (Brescia, Italy)
Ed. IFAC  ISSN:2405-8963  DOI:10.1016/j.ifacol.2015.11.207  - pp.19-24


 This paper presents a virtual laboratory to simulate the dynamic control of parallel robots. The objective of the tool is to help robotics students comprehend the different singular and nonsingular methods by which parallel robots can change between different solutions to the forward kinematic problem, and to study how singularities affect the control of the robots when performing these changes. The tool is very intuitive and permits modifying the controller gains of the robots and visualizing the motion of the robot in different spaces.