Analysis and Design of a Serial-Parallel Redundant Biped Climbing Robot
Adrián Peidró, José M. Marín, Arturo Gil, Yerai Berenguer, Óscar Reinoso
Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica 2018  (Valladolid, 14-15 de junio de 2018)
Ed. CEA-IFAC  ISBN:978-84-09-02877-1


This paper summarizes a PhD thesis consisting in the analysis and design of the HyReCRo robot, which is a serial-parallel redundant robot for climbing and exploring three-dimensional metallic structures. First, the HyReCRo robot is described. Then, the forward and inverse kinematic problems of this robot are solved, including a kinematic analysis of the parallel mechanisms that make up the legs of this robot. Next, the workspace of the HyReCRo robot is analyzed, proposing two new methods for obtaining the boundaries and interior barriers of the workspace of redundant robots. Finally, a prototype of the HyReCRo robot is presented, which includes the design of novel magnetic grippers for climbing steel structures. Copyright c 2018 CEA.