Trajectory Planning for MASAR: a New Modular and Single-Actuator Robot
Adrián Peidró, Julio Gallego, Luis Payá, José María Marín, Óscar Reinoso
Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica 2019  (Alicante (Spain), 13-14 June 2019)
Ed. CEA  ISBN:978-84-09-12133-5  - pp. 118-125


Single-actuator mobile robots have the benefits of low energy consumption, low weight and size, and low cost, but their motion is typically only one-dimensional. By using auxiliary binary mechanisms that redirect and channel the driving force of their only actuator in different ways, it is possible for these robots to perform higher-dimensional motions (walk straight, turn left/right, jump...). This paper presents the MASAR, a new Modular And Single-Actuator Robot that carries a single motor and several adhesion pads. By alternately attaching these adhesion pads to the environment or detaching them, the proposed robot is able to pivot about different axes using only one motor, with the possibility of performing concave plane transitions or combining with other identical modules to

build more complex reconfigurable robots. In this paper we solve the planar trajectory planning of this robot for polygonal paths made up of sequences of segments, which may include narrow corridors that are difficult to traverse.