Simulation Tool for Analyzing the Kinetostatic Effects of Singularities in Parallel Robots
Adrian Peidro, Jose Maria Marin, Luis Paya, Oscar Reinoso
ETFA 2019: 24th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation  (Zaragoza, 10-13 September 2019)
Ed. IEEE  ISBN:978-1-7281-0303-7  - pp. 812-819


Singularities produce important changes in the kinetostatic properties of parallel robots, such as the ability to resist external forces with zero actuation torques (or the inability to resist them at all), or losses of control or dexterity. These kinetostatic effects of singularities can be graphically visualized by means of four velocity and force ellipsoids that degenerate when the robot crosses a singularity. This paper presents an educational simulation tool to help students to understand these effects by means of the visualization of the aforementioned ellipses, at the same time that the PID control of the robot is simulated under external forces, in order to demonstrate how singularities affect the control of the robot.