Detección de aeronaves en trayectoria de colisión de vuelo mediante optical flow
J.J. Cabrera, A. Gil, L. Payá, O. Reinoso, D. Rodriguez
XLIV Jornadas de Automática  (Zaragoza, 6-8 Septiembre, 2023)
Ed. CEA  ISBN:978-84-9749-860-9  DOI:  - pp. 844-848


This paper presents an approach to detect, track and predict the collision of UAVs by means of a single camera mounted on

an aircraft. The method is based on the computation of a sparse optical flow in the image in order to: (1) model the image motion

due to the camera’s own movement using a homography matrix, (2) compensate the image motion and (3) segment the optical

flow whose movement is different from that caused by the camera in order to detect the UAV. Additionally, collisions are predicted

by analyzing the collinearity between the position vector of the UAV and its velocity vector, which are estimated up to a scale

factor. Experimental results show that the proposed method is effective in detecting, tracking, and predicting collisions with UAVs

regardless of their appearance, size, and relative movement, which can be useful for airspace security applications.