Identificación y control de robots paralelos en el espacio de estados con un laboratorio remoto
A. Peidro, L. Paya, M. Ballesta, A. Gil, O. Reinoso
Revista Iberoamericana de Automática e Informatica Industrial  (2024)
Ed. CEA  ISSN: 1697-7912  DOI:  - 21, pp. 180-191


This article presents a remote laboratory to carry out identification and control experiments of two real parallel robots over the Internet. The remote laboratory has a client-server architecture. The client is a Java control interface that allows the user to command experiments and visualize the results in the form of graphs and live feed of the robots. The server is an industrial computer that controls both robots through a dSPACE 1103 control board programmed with Matlab/Simulink, and also runs Jimserver and other programs that allow the users to reserve and safely use the robots. The article describes and illustrates various laboratory practices and experiments that can be carried out with the presented remote laboratory, such as the identification of the linearized state-space model of the robots, the design of integral regulators with state feedback, or study how singularities of parallel robots decrease their controllability.