3D Inspection System for Manufactured Machine Parts
D. García, J.M. Sebastián , F.M. Sánchez, L.M. Jiménez, J.M. González
SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering  (San José- California 1999)
 ISBN:0-8194-3123-0  ISSN:0277-786X  - Volume 3652, pp 250 – 260


3D inspection system for manufactured machine parts

D. García(a), J. M. Sebastián(a), F. M. Sánchez(a), L. M. Jiménez(b), J. M. González(a)
(a) Dept. of System Engineering and Automatic Control. Polytechnic University of Madrid. Spain
(b) Dept. of Experimental Sciences and Technology. Miguel Hernandez University. Elche, Spain.

This paper presents a new system for inspecting 3D manufactured machine parts with high accuracy. The system focuses on two main aspects: a definition of specific tools for inspection and 3D measurement and high flexibility for feature selection. As a result, a novel system for inspecting objects with 3D characteristics has been developed. The input information is a complete knowledge of the inspection workbench setting (elements, characteristics and resolution ranges) and a CAD model of the part to be inspected. Using an interactive interface, the user may define the features to inspect and the precision required for each one. Some of the operations the system performs are dimensional control with subpixel accuracy, surface inspection and object edge finish. Based on the CAD model and the features to inspect the system automatically designs an inspection planning responsible for managing the different resources involved in the inspection process. Provided that the aim of the system is to obtain the greatest possible accuracy, a great effort has been done in the area of mechanical devices and camera calibration. Also, in order to quantify the goodness of the results obtained, an uncertainty propagation strategy has been carried out throughout the measurement process.

Keywords: Inspection, 3D, calibration, planning, quality control