Infrastructure Support for Cooperative Maneuvers in Connected and Automated Driving
A. Correa, R. Alms, J. Gozalvez, M. Sepulcre, M. Rondinone, R. Blokpoel, L. Lücken, and G. Thandavarayan
IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium  (Paris (France), June 2019)


Connected and automated vehicles canexploitV2X communicationsto coordinate their maneuvers and improve the traffic safety and efficiency.To support such coordination, ETSI is currently defining the Maneuver Coordination Service (MCS). The current approach is based on a distributed solution where vehicles coordinate their maneuversusingV2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communications. This paperproposes to extend this concept by addingthe possibility for the infrastructure to support cooperative maneuvers using V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) communications. To this aim, wepropose aManeuver Coordination Message (MCM) that can be used in cooperative maneuvers with or without road infrastructure support. Firstresults show the gains that cooperative maneuverscan achieve thanks to the infrastructure support.This paper also analyses and discusses the need to defineMCM generation rulesthat decide when MCM messages should be exchanged. These rules have an impact on the effectiveness of cooperative maneuvers and on the operation and scalability of the V2X network.