Communication and Data Management in Industry 4.0
M. C. Lucas-Estań , Theofanis P. Raptis, Miguel Sepulcre, Andrea Passarella, Javier Gozalvez and Marco Conti
Book Chapter in The Digital Shopfloor: Industrial Automation in the Industry 4.0 Era. Performance Analysis and Applications  (April 2019)
Ed. River Publishers  ISBN:9788770220415  DOI:


The Industry 4.0 paradigm alludes to a new industrial revolution wherefactories evolve towards digitalized and networked structures where intelli-gence is spread among the different elements of the production systems. Twokey technological enablers to achieve the flexibility and efficiency soughtfor factories of the future are the communication networks and the datamanagement schemes that will support connectivity and data distribution inCyber-Physical Production Systems. Communications and data managementmust be built upon a flexible and reliable architecture to be able to efficientlymeet the stringent and varying requirements in terms of latency, reliabilityand data rates demanded by industrial applications. To this aim, this chapterpresents a hierarchical communications and data management architecture,where decentralized and local management decisions are coordinated by acentral orchestrator that ensures the efficient global operation of the system.The defined architecture considers a multi-tier organization, where differentmanagement strategies can be applied to satisfy the different requirementsin terms of latency and reliability of different industrial applications. Theuse of virtualization and softwarization technologies as RAN Slicing and Cloud RAN will allow to achieve the flexibility, scalability and adaptationcapabilities required to support the high-demanding and diverse industrialenvironment.