Nuevo modelo del efecto multipactor para guías rectangulares parcialmente rellenas de dieléctrico
Andrés Berenguer Alonso, Ángela Coves Soler, Francisco Mesa Ledesma, Enrique Bronchalo Bronchalo and Benito Gimeno Martíne
XXXIV simposium nacional de la unión científica internacional de radio  (Sevilla, 4-6 de septiembre de 2019 )
Ed. Comité Organizador y Científico XXXIV Simposium Nacional de la Unión Científica Internacional de Radio  ISBN:9788409129614


In this work it is shown a new model for the analysis of multipactor effect in partially dielectric-loaded rectangular
waveguides. For this purpose, a CAD software has been developed which solves the dynamics of the electron inside these waveguides, taking into account the RF electromagnetic fields and the DC electric field that appears because of the charging of the dielectric surfaces. This electrostatic field is obtained by computing the electric potential produced by an arbitrary charge distribution on the dielectric surface, which has been
particularized to a waveguide loaded with a thin dielectric layer.
The electron trajectory is then found by numerically solving the
equations of motion.