Técnicas numéricas avanzadas para el cálculo del campo electrostático en guías de onda rectangulares con dieléctrico
Andrés Berenguer Alonso, Ángela Coves Soler, Enrique Bronchalo Bronchalo, Francisco Mesa Ledesma, and Benito Gimeno Martínez
XXXIV simposium nacional de la unión científica internacional de radio  (Sevilla, 4-6 de Septiembre de 2019)
Ed. Comité Organizador y Científico XXXIV Simposium Nacional de la Unión Científica Internacional de Radio  ISBN:9788409129614


The resolution of the Green’s function for obtaining the electrostatic potential generated by the charges located in the dielectric layer of a rectangular waveguide requires efficient integration techniques. Due to the characteristics and the oscillatory nature of the function to be integrated, the use of the Filon’s method together with a convergence analysis is adequate. However, the application of this numerical integration
technique can lead to numerical instabilities in the result. For
this reason, in this research work we have presented two different
methods to deal with these numerical errors of integration: SSA
and GPR. In this way, it is possible to clean the electrostatic
potential avoiding subsequent errors in the calculation of the
electrostatic field.