Load Forecasting in Short-Term Including Meteorological Variables for Balearic Islands Paper
C. Senabre, S. Valero, M. López y A. Gabaldón
ICELFA 2019. International Conference on Electrical Load Forecasting Applications.   (Tokyo, Japón, 7 y 9 de octubre de 2019)
Ed. WASET. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology


This paper presents a comprehensive survey of the Short-Term Load Forecasting (STFL). Since the behavior of consumers and producers continue changing as new technologies it is an ongoing process and moreover new policies become available. The results of a research study for the Spanish Transport System Operator (REE) is presented in this paper. It is presented the improvement of the forecasting accuracy in the Balearic Islands considering the introduction of meteorological variables, such as temperatura to reduce forecasting error. Variables analyzed for the forecasting in terms of overall accuracy are: cloudiness, solar radiation, and wind velocity. It has also been analyzed the type of days to be considered in the research.