Interleaved, Switched Inductor and High-Gain Wide Bandgap Based Boost Converter Proposal
David Marroqui, Ausias Garrigós, Cristian Torres, Carlos Orts, Jose M. Blanes,Roberto Gutierrez
Energies  (3 de Febrero de 2021)
Ed. MDPI  ISSN:1996-1073  DOI:  - 14 (4), 800 - 811


Many applications (electric vehicles, renewable energies, low-voltage DC grids) require simple, high-power density and low-current ripple-boost converters. Traditional step-up converters are limited when large transformation ratios are involved. In this work is proposed a step-up converter that brings together the characteristics of high gain, low ripple, and high-power density. From the converter proposal, a mathematical analysis of its operation is first performed, including its static transfer function, stress of components, and voltage and current ripples. Furthermore, it provides a design example for an application of Vin = 48 V to Vo = 270 V and 500 W. For its implementation, two different wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor models have been used, hybrid GaN cascodes and SiC MOSFETs. Finally, the experimental results of the produced prototypes are shown, and the results are discussed.