Prototyping V2X Applications in Large-Scale Scenarios using OpenAirInterface
J. Manco, G. Gallud Baņos, J. Härri, M. Sepulcre
IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2020)  (Virtual Conference, 16-18 December, 2020)
 ISBN:978-1-7281-9221-5  ISSN:2157-9865  DOI:10.1109/VNC51378.2020.9318327


Prototyping V2X applications in large-scale scenarios is a challenging but demanded task. To address this challenge, this paper presents and evaluates a novel prototyping tool based on OpenAirInterface (OAI). This tool makes use of a new OAI stub interface located at the MAC level that is able to emulate all underlying software and hardware of the LTE V2X technology. The proposed solution delivers packets to the target UEs according to statistical packet loss and delay models. The OAI stub exposes flexible APIs to integrate different models, including different LTE-V2X schedulers, that enable the evaluation of V2X applications under high traffic density scenarios. To showcase the proposed OAI stub interface, this paper also presents two case studies based on two V2X schedulers, the Sensing-based Semi-persistent scheduling (SB-SPS), as well as a Self-organizing TDMA (STDMA) scheduler.