All-optical coherent pulse compression for dynamic laser ranging using an acousto-optic dual comb
V. Billaut, V. Durán, C. R. Fernández-Pousa, V. Crotazier, D. Dolfi, y H. Guillet de Chatellus
Optics Express  (2021)
Ed. Optical Society of America  ISSN:1094-4087  DOI:10.1364/OE.430998  - Vol. 29, no. 14, pp 21369-21385


We demonstrate a new and simple dynamic laser ranging platform based on analog

all-optical coherent pulse compression of modulated optical waveforms. The technique employs

a bidirectional acousto-optic frequency shifting loop, which provides a dual-comb photonic

signal with an optical bandwidth in the microwave range. This architecture simply involves a

CW laser, standard telecom components and low frequency electronics, both for the dual-comb

generation and for the detection. As a laser ranging system, it offers a range resolution of a few

millimeters, set by a dual-comb spectral bandwidth of 24 GHz, and a precision of 20 μm for

an integration time of 20 ms. The system is also shown to provide dynamic measurements at

scanning rates in the acoustic range, including phase-sensitive measurements and Doppler shift

velocimetry. In addition, we show that the application of perfect correlation phase sequences

to the transmitted waveforms allows the ambiguity range to be extended by a factor of 10 up to

∼20 m. The system generates quasi-continuous waveforms with low peak power, which makes it

possible to envision long-range telemetry or reflectometry requiring highly amplified signals.