Study of the Multipactor Effect in Groove Gap Waveguide Technology
José Joaquín Vague, Irene Asensio, A. Coves, A.A. San Blas, Marta Reglero, Ana Vidal Pantaleoni, David Raboso, Mariano Vaquero Escudero, Vicente E. Boria Esbert
IEEE Transactions on microwave theory and techniques  (Mayo de 2022)
Ed. IEEE  ISSN:0018-9480  DOI:10.1109/TMTT.2022.3157587  - Vol. 70, pp. 2565-2577


This article presents a theoretical and experimental comparative study of the different multipactor threshold values

obtained in the rectangular waveguide (RW) and the groove gap waveguide (GGW). To this end, the multipactor effect has been first analyzed in an RW with a recently developed theoretical model. Then, the multipactor breakdown power levels in the equivalent GGW have been predicted with an accurate electron tracking code, showing a significant increment compared with the RW case. In order to validate these results, two E-plane WR-90 RW transformers have been designed with a full-wave electromagnetic simulation tool. The central sections of these transformers have been implemented in RW and GGW, respectively, and their multipactor breakdown power levels have also been predicted. The two designed transformers have been fabricated in aluminum and then measured in terms of electrical response (scattering parameters) and RF multipactor effect (power threshold

values). All the experimental results agree well with the set of simulated data, thus fully validating the performed study.