CSRRs modificados en tecnología SIW para la mejora del ancho de banda de filtros
Javier Martínez, A. Coves, A.A. San Blas, E. Bronchalo, Maurizio Bozzi
XXXVII simposio nacional de la union cientifica internacional de radio (URSI 2022)  (Málaga, 5-7 de septiembre de 2022)


In this paper, a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) loaded with three pairs of modified complementary split-ring

resonators (CSRRs) is presented, in which the subwavelength waveguide passband can be significantly increased

due to the appearance of new electromagnetic couplings between the different resonators. The obtained results are

compared to those provided by a more classical topology based on CSRRs periodically etched along the waveguide

wall, showing a significant bandwidth improvement, while maintaining a good matching level. A prototype of this

new wideband filter has been fabricated and measured, and the simulations and measurements show a very good

agreement, thus validating the proposed design.