Multipactor Threshold Comparative Study Between Groove Gap and RectangularWaveguide Technologies
I. Asensio, J. J. Vague, A. Coves, A.A. San Blas, M. Baquero-Escudero, V. E. Boria
XXXVII Simposium Nacional de la Unión Científica Internacional de Radio (URSI 2022)  (Málaga (España), 5-7 de septiembre de 2022)


This paper presents a comparative study of the

different multipactor thresholds obtained in Rectangular Waveguide

(RW) and Groove Gap Waveguide (GGW) technologies.

Firstly, a technique developed by the authors has been used

to analyse theoretically the multipactor level in RWs. Results

have been compared with those from an available commercial

software, obtaining negligible differences. Second, by using an

accurate electron tracking code, the breakdown power levels in

the equivalent GGW have been predicted, showing a reduction

of the multipactor power threshold. Third, two aluminum WR-

90 symmetric E-plane RW transformers, one of them with the

central section in GGW technology, have been designed and

their multipactor breakdown power levels have been predicted

at five different frequencies. Finally, both transformers have been

manufactured and tested in an extensive multipactor campaign.

The measured results agree well with simulations, thereby fully

validating the obtained results.