A new Bi-Faced Log Periodic Antenna
E. Ávila-Navarro, José M. Blanes, José A. Carrasco, C. Reig, E.A. Navarro
Ed. Wiley InterScience  ISSN:0895-2477  - Vol. 48 pp. 402-405


In this paper, a new design of a broadband planar printed antenna based on the academic log periodic antenna is presented. The antenna consists of a series of printed dipoles, distributed on both faces of the substrate. Some configurations are explored, with a different number of printed dipoles. These are designed, simulated, fabricated, and measured. The calculated and measured return losses and radiation patterns are presented. The utility of the proposed antenna associated with its frequency bandwidth is better than 80%. The measured absolute gain is 6.5 dBi, and the front‐to‐back ratio is around 8 dB. The presented antenna should find wide applications in wireless communication systems and phased arrays.