A low-cost compact uniplanar quasi-Yagi printed antenna
E. Ávila-Navarro, A. Segarra, José A. Carrasco y Càndid Reig
Ed. Wiley InterScience  ISSN:0895-2477  - Vol. 50 (3) pp. 731-735


A low cost directive uniplanar broadband printed Quasi–Yagi antenna design is presented. As a particular realization, some prototypes have been designed to operate in the 2.45 GHz band. They have been then modeled, fabricated onto standard printed circuit dielectric substrate and tested successfully. For the design and the modeling processes, we have make use of FDTD based in-house developed algorithms. The obtained bandwidth is, for all the considered cases, better than 15%. The main radiation characteristics are 2–5.5 dBi gain, depending on the number of director elements, and better than 25 dB front-to-back ratio. Overall antenna size was, in any case lesser than 1 λ × 0.5 λ.