Printed dipole antennas for personal communication systems
E. ┴vila-Navarro, JosÚ A. Carrasco y CÓndid Reig
Ed. Taylor & Francis  ISSN:0256-4602  - Vol. 27 pp. 286-292


Emergent wireless systems based on personal communication standards are demanding new antennas with better performance in order to increase the distance of communications, to provide wider bandwidth and, in some case, to allow multiband behavior. The use of printed dipole antennas is highly recommended in these applications. In this paper, we report on different printed dipole antennas for wireless communications in particular scenarios. For point-to-point communications we propose two printed Yagi-like antennas with a high gain and low cost. For broadband communications we discuss the use of log-periodic printed dipoles antennas. Finally, for multiband communication systems, dual-band printed dipole antennas are investigated. In any case, some illustrative designs, for specific applications, are described. They are also analyzed by means of FDTD simulations and compared with standard measurements such as insertion losses and radiation patterns.