Real time estimation photovoltaic modules characteristics and its application to maximum power point operation
A. Garrigos, Josť M. Blanes, Josť A. Carrasco, J. B. Ejea
Ed. Elsevier  ISSN:0960-1481  - Vol. 32 pp. 1059-1076


In this paper, an approximate curve fitting method for photovoltaic modules is presented. The operation is based on solving a simple solar cell electrical model by a microcontroller in real time. Only four voltage and current coordinates are needed to obtain the solar module parameters and set its operation at maximum power in any conditions of illumination and temperature. Despite its simplicity, this method is suitable for low cost real time applications, as control loop reference generator in photovoltaic maximum power point circuits. The theory that supports the estimator together with simulations and experimental results are presented.