Small-Signal Modelling of a Controlled Transformer Parallel Regulator a a Multiple Output COnverter High Efficient Post-Regulator
A. Ferreres ; J.A. Carrasco ; E. Maset ; J.B. Ejea
 ISSN:0885-8993  DOI:  - Vol. 19 pp. 183-191


This paper presents a post-regulator based on the use of a controlled transformer, which adds or subtracts an additional voltage to the output filter of a converter in order to regulate its output voltage. So, their actuation is complementary to that of more known post-regulators, such as the magnetic amplifier (magamp) and synchronous switch post-regulator (SSPR), because the regulation is achieved by controlling the voltage across the filter inductor instead of its charge time. Besides, the post-regulator processes the power in parallel to the one flowing from input to output and only handles a percentage of it. The post-regulation by controlled transformer is suitable of being employed in any isolated PWM power converter and combines a good efficiency and the easiness of design of classical switched power supplies. The work describes the post-regulation strategy for obtaining two outputs independently regulated, and presents a model to obtain the control transfer function and the cross-impedance expressions.