Continuous visual servoing despite the changes of visibility in image features
Nicolás García-Aracil, Ezio Malis, Rafael Aracil-Santonja, and Carlos Pérez-Vidal
 ISSN:1042-296X  DOI:10.1109/TRO.2005.855995  - Vol. 21 (6) pp. 1214-1220


In the recent past, the visibility problem in vision-based con- trol has been widely investigated. The proposed solutions generally have a common goal: to always keep the object in the camera’s field of view during the visual servoing. Contrary to this solution, we propose a new approach based on the concept of allowing the changes of visibility in image features during the control task. To this aim, the camera invariant visual-servoing approach has been redefined in order to take into account the changes of visibility in image features. A new smooth task function using weighted fea- tures is presented, and a continuous control law is obtained starting from it by imposing its exponential decrease to zero. Furthermore, the local sta- bility analysis of the invariant visual-servoing approach with weighted fea- tures is presented. Finally, this promising way of dealing with the visibility issue has been successfully tested with an eye-in-hand robotic system.