Parallelized and Pipelined Hardware Implementation of High Cost Prediction Filters
Luis Gracia, Carlos Perez-Vidal
 ISSN:1532-0626  DOI:10.1002/cpe.1480  - Vol. - pp. 1-13


In this paper parallelization and segmentation methodologies are used to obtain a real-time (RT) imple- mentation of computationally expensive estimators or filters in an FPGA. First, the filter to be applied is briefly described, and afterwards its hardware structure and VHDL implementation are indicated. A comparative study is performed between the FPGA parallelized implementation and the implementation in a sequential processor. The analysis proves that the execution times measured on the FPGA are consid- erably lower, making that implementation valid for its use in RT systems. Moreover, several experimental results are shown for a visual servoing application in order to evidence the good performance of the proposed algorithms and implementations.