Visual Control of Robots with Delayed Images
Carlos Perez-Vidal, LuisGracia, NicolasGarcia and Enric Cervera
 ISSN:0169-1864  DOI:10.1163/156855309X431695  - Vol. 23 pp. 725-745


This research develops a control scheme for visual servoing that explicitly takes into account the delay in- troduced by image acquisition and processing. For this purpose, a predictor block, i.e., an estimator that predicts several samples ahead of time, is properly included in the scheme. The proposed approach is an- alytically analyzed in terms of dynamics and steady-state errors, and compared to previous approaches. Furthermore, several simulations are comparatively shown in order to illustrate the benefits and limitations of the proposed control scheme. Finally, some experimental results using a turntable and a 3-d.o.f. Cartesian robot are provided in order to validate the analytical and simulation results.