Wireless transmission of biosignals for hyperbaric chamber applications
Carlos Perez-Vidal, Luis Gracia, Cristian Carmona, Bertomeu Alorda, Antonio Salinas
PLOS ONE  (2017)
 ISSN:1932-6203  DOI:https://doi.org/ 10.1371/journal.pone.0172768  - Vol. 12(3) pp. 1-19


This paper presents a wireless system to send biosignals outside a hyperbaric chamber avoiding wires going through the chamber walls. Hyperbaric chambers are becoming more and more common due to new indications of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Metallic walls physically isolate patients inside the chamber, where getting a patientís vital signs turns into a painstaking task. The paper proposes using a ZigBee-based network to wirelessly trans- mit the patientís biosignals to the outside of the chamber. In particular, a wearable battery supported device has been designed, implemented and tested. Although the implementa- tion has been conducted to transmit the electrocardiography signal, the device can be easily adapted to consider other biosignals.