Identification and control of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber
Luis Gracia, Carlos Perez-Vidal, Jose M. de Paco, Luis M. de Paco
PLOS ONE  (2018)
 ISSN:1932-6203  DOI: pone.0200407  - Vol. 13(8) pp. 1-23


This work presents the automation of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber. It includes the sys- tem modeling, identification, controller calculation and system validation. With the proposed approach a good pressure profile tracking and repeatability are achieved. Moreover, the proposed automation includes the implementation of powerful treatment tools such as Pause and Alleviation procedures. The control system implemented is based on a special zero-pole cancellation regulator. Experimental results are provided to illustrate the behavior of the automated chamber. It is important to remark that the chamber automated in this work is being successfully used in a real hospital since 2015 treating more than 40 patients per day, five days a week.